The service industry, along with the latest developments in the tourism sector, shows an increasing pattern regarding the variety of activities and concepts offered. The restaurant and pub business is just a branch of this growing sector. The more people who prefer travelling to the exotic edges of the world, the faster the reviews about the most interesting pubs and restaurants are spread around. Therefore, there is no way of stopping adventurers or global nomads from informing the rest of the world about the pubs and restaurants that they have visited in different spots.

The restaurant owners and managers become pretty much influenced by the experiences and variety of tastes from the many distant far-flung corners of the globe, so they try to bring all these into their restaurant or pub. Sometimes, the inclusion of the authentic flavours in the menu is attracting people, while elsewhere it is the grand concept or idea that the restaurant is built on, which is catching visitors’ attention. Nowadays it is quite easy to travel to tropical spots of the world and explore new tastes in the restaurants. However, all travellers need to keep an eye on their health while doing this. The online apps such as can make sure that your health is always under the guarantee of trustworthy doctors and easily accessible general practitioners. So, where ever you travel, and no matter which cuisine you taste, please make sure to stay healthy and balanced.

Creativity on Top: Awe-Inspiring and Must-See Restaurants Around the Globe

To offer a unique restaurant experience for guests, the restaurant managers and owners are pushing the limits beyond the human intellectual capacity. However, when it comes to being creative and applying distinct ideas on the decoration and the menu of the restaurants, the sky is the limit. Here is a short but inspiring list of the most exciting and awe-inspiring restaurants that travel nomads have explored.

  • Ithaa Restaurant, Maldives, India: The world’s probably one and only wholly underwater restaurant, offering a spectacular view of the aquatic world to its guests. Enjoy a meal within the relaxing surroundings of water and marine species
  • El Diablo, Las Palmas, Spain: Would you like your meal to be cooked on an active volcanic crater? Yes, this is possible in El Diablo, The Devil Restaurant
  • Devil Island Prison Restaurant, Devil Island, China: For some people, it might be an exciting experience to have dinner with a prison atmosphere, where the setting is arranged according to a real jail
  • Kinderkookkafe, Amsterdam, Netherlands: Have you ever imagined that your dinner will be prepared and served by children who are unbelievably between the ages of five and 12? In this restaurant, kids are learning how to fulfil the roles of being a cashier, chef, waiter, and dishwasher. Enjoy your meal from young hands and appreciate their effort
  • Dreh-Restaurant Sphere on the Television Tower, Berlin, Germany: If you would like to have your dinner served with a 360 degrees Berlin view on top of the Fernsehturm, the TV Tower, this is a great spot.