While decor is a welcome touch in pubs and restaurants, the nature of the business means it can be easily defaced. This can happen through a patron who has had one too many drinks, nature’s course in open plans, or accidents when moving items.

To avoid this, you need to secure your pub art using frames. However, you must go for frames that maintain the beauty of art while stepping up the elegance of your restaurant. Desenio online shop is your one-stop shop for the best frames in the market. They have a huge catalogue to fit different types of pubs and different spaces within the facility. Sizes range from as small as 21*30 cm to as large as 100*81*50 cm. You can filter what you want on the online page and have your products delivered to your doorstep in a day or two. Frame prices range from £4 to £175.

As a restaurant owner, you can use creative messages on art – posters, wallpapers etc- to keep your patrons jovial. When you secure such art with Desenio frames, you make it possible to put away and use it interchangeably in different seasons and events e.g Christmas, World Cup, etc.