Being a server in a busy pub or restaurant can be overwhelming. You can however have an easier time once you master the basics of customer care. Whether you have worked as a server for many years or you are just getting started, there are things that you can still learn about the job to improve on the customers’ experience.

Tips and Tricks

  • Learn the basics: Master the basic steps of restaurant service and use them whenever guests arrive at your establishment. Do not wait for the guests to call you or signal that they need service before you show up for them.
  • Memorize the menu: Spend time learning the menu and be ready to not just list down the content but also break down what the food entails. A good server should also be able to suggest the right meal by asking the customers their preferences and telling them the available options.
  • Understand the restaurant and pub’s allergy protocols: Every restaurant has its own policies when it comes to allergies and potential allergens that could be found in the foods. As a common practice, you should always ask diners at the restaurant and pub if they have any allergy before serving them any food or drink.
  • Take certification courses: If you want to excel as a server, you should consider taking certification courses. Go for courses that are tailored towards your passion. For instance, if you are interested in being a mixer, then seek courses that teach that. Always be open to learning new things in the service industry.
  • Wear the right attire: Make sure that you invest in non slip shoes and comfortable clothing that allows you to move easily. In most cases, the restaurant and pub will provide these, but invest in extras if you need to.