A smoke-free policy in a restaurant is not only beneficial for the health and comfort of non-smokers but also aligns with the growing trend towards healthier environments. But how do you implement the policy without offending patrons who smoke? Well, here are several ways to effectively implement such a policy.

Communicate Clearly

Begin by clearly communicating the new policy to both staff and customers. This can be done through signage at the entrance, on menus, and through staff training. Make sure to highlight the reasons behind the policy, such as health benefits and legal requirements.

Promote Healthier Alternatives

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Get Customer Feedback

Encourage customer feedback about the policy. This can help you assess their feelings and address any concerns they may have. Engage them through surveys or suggestion boxes to gather opinions and make any necessary adjustments.

Designate Smoking Areas

If your restaurant has outdoor seating, consider designating specific areas for smoking. This helps to protect non-smoking guests while still accommodating smokers. Ensure these areas are well-ventilated and are away from entrances to minimise the impact on non-smokers.

Train Your Staff

Provide training for staff on how to enforce the smoke-free policy effectively. They should know how to politely remind customers of the policy if they attempt to smoke in prohibited areas and offer guidance on where smoking is permitted.

Lead by Example

If smoking is your thing, you should lead by example as the owner or manager and refrain from smoking in the premises. This demonstrates a commitment to the policy and sets a clear expectation for staff and customers alike.