The pub in the film, An American Werewolf In London is one of the most famous amongst the horror movie community. The Slaughtered Lamb is located in Yorkshire. At the start of the film two US backpackers are hiking through the moors when they decide to have a rest inside this drinking establishment.

The interior has the decor of a traditional English pub. It is also replete with locals who are being jolly and enjoying each other’s company. However there is a somewhat foreboding atmosphere to the place. When the hikers enter there is an eerie silence. It is made clear that these people do not like outsiders.

A Secret

However, eventually this silence is broken and they all interact together. A couple of jokes are shared and the atmosphere once again becomes jovial. The regular patrons know a secret about the local area. There is a werewolf that roams the moors at night.

Later on the two hikers are attacked by this creature and one of them ends up in hospital. His doctor visits the Slaughtered Lamb in order to ascertain exactly what happened. It is here that he discovers the terrifying truth.