When it comes to owning and operating a pub or restaurant, there are so many things to think about and constantly be aware and conscious of. Your décor is only one of these many things. Whether you are starting out and looking for a fresh design for your new pub or looking to spruce up your neighbourhood staple watering hole, here are some tips for enhancing the décor of your pub:

  • 1) Lighting is key; make sure to choose warm lighting if you want a cozy feel. Avoid harsh and bright lights to ensure that your guests feel cozy and at home.
  • 2) Chalkboards are versatile; chalkboards can add functionality but also style to a room and offer a way to communicate with guests without breaking the bank on expensive signs. They are easy to clean and can be used for a number of purposes.
  • 3) Wood accents; whether its repurposed barrels or live edge tables, wood accents are a welcomed addition to any rustic theme. Wood is also versatile and sturdy so it is a great material to ensure you save money. It can also be repurposed from barns, barrels and other places, making it friendly for your wallet and the environment.
  • 4) Comfy seating; adding a couch to your waiting area or having a designated area with couches and comfy chairs is great for guests who are catching up with friends or who pop by by themselves even. Small couches offer a lot of seating and can add value and a homey feel to your pub. Consider a couch from ikea as well as the ikea klippan sofa cover as these are affordable but very stylish ways to enhance guests’ experience at your bar.
  • 5) Be Bold; Combining unlikely colours and fabrics will create bold statements in any pub and, depending on the colours, can create a cozy and homey feel for the pub. For example, dark green stools with orange checkered seats could be fun and could create an upbeat atmosphere.
  • 6) Mirrors are forever; using the power of mirrors can make a room feel larger and help guests feel like there is more space. A wall of different sized mirrors is also an easy way to captivate attention of guests.
  • 7) Art; The art that is on the walls of the pub can make or break the entire atmosphere of the bar. Choosing prints that flow well is important. In addition, choosing prints and paintings that are the right size is important because, for example, a painting that is centered but too small on a wall can create a feel that is cramped or scattered and poorly though out.
  • 8) First impressions; focus and spend time making sure your entranceway is welcoming and friendly because this is the first impression your guests will have.