For those who enjoy surfing the net all day long on their laptops, bars and restaurants, of all types and sizes, can offer the ideal venues to do it in.

Whether you’re an aspiring novelist or an online news junkie, you can’t do better than a refurbished macbook pro 2015; the perfect companion for an afternoon or evening at your favourite restaurant or bar.

Central Role

In the British Isles, restaurants, cafes and pubs have played a central role in local cultural life since the early Middle Ages. In fact, the UK and Ireland are home to many of Europe’s oldest eating and drinking establishments, some of which date all the way back to the 10th century AD.

Anyone sporting a good refurbished laptop, therefore, would be well-served setting up shop at one of Britain’s or Ireland’s many charming taverns or eateries. Along with providing ample opportunities for people-watching, these restaurants and bars represent ideal venues for getting a little writing done.

Providing comfortable, well-lit environments, such places will never fail to inspire imaginative, up-and-coming writers of fiction. American literary icon Ernest Hemingway, for example, did all his best writing in the cafés of Paris; and he didn’t even have a refurbished laptop.


Along with their value as literary hangouts, bars and restaurants can also provide great opportunities to experience new, untried food and beverages. One can also sample different local cuisines from across the UK and Ireland’s various regions.

For example, adventurous visitors should always try whatever local beer the establishment has on tap, and order the dishes (or appetisers) for which it is most famous.

If you’re hard at work on your refurbished laptop, however, it’s often wisest to stick to coffee; although Hemingway was said to have always ordered a beer after successfully writing each chapter.