All businesses require some refurbishment from time to time, and this is particularly necessary in the hospitality sector such as pubs and restaurants. Flooring can become worn out, painted walls can become dated and dirty, and furniture can break. Here are some tips for updating the decor of your pub or restaurant.

Know Your Target Customer Base

Before embarking on any major redesign of your business, it’s first important that you consider what kind of customers you are seeking to attract. What is the message that you wish for your pub or restaurant to send out? This can be impacted based upon the area where you’re based, what food and drink you serve in particular, and what times you operate amongst other things. When you know who you’re hoping to bring into the space, then you will be able to start designing it around them. If you’re a local pub with loyal regulars, then you may be aiming for a warm and homely feel. If you’re a high-end restaurant in the city, then you’d want to create a more classy and stylish vibe that can wow your customers.

Colour Scheme

Early on in the refurbishment process, you should establish the kind of colour scheme you’re looking to use. The colours you choose will be dependent on the kind of business you’re operating and what kind of mood you wish to create. Colours can play an impact on people’s mood, with Red colours said to stimulate more negative emotions and Green colours inducing more positive ones. Hiring a good interior designer will help with choosing the most appropriate colours to set the mood you’re aiming to create for your business.


When it comes to deciding what floors to use in a pub or restaurant, it’s necessary to take into consideration not simply how it will look, but how practical it is also. Whilst carpets are known for creating a warmer, softer atmosphere that many people find welcoming; they can also require more maintenance and are more easily ruined by food and drink – which isn’t always ideal for a pub or restaurant where spillages are common. Harder flooring options, such as wood, can be more easily cleaned and can last longer but may not generate the friendly feel you’re looking for. A good compromise is to use rugs. Adding a black and white rug over a wooden floor can add texture and colour to the space, whilst also being easily cleaned and changed.


The budget you have available for your refurbishment will have an effect on what you can and cannot do. If you have a lower budget and aren’t looking to completely redesign your pub or restaurant, you could repaint the walls and add some new furnishings to give the space a fresher look for your customers. The important thing is to stick to your budget the best you can, and don’t spend more than necessary. Keeping the costs down can help with your business being profitable.

To summarise, keep your customer base in mind when implementing any design changes to your business. Keep the costs down, particularly if you’re on a tighter budget, and use colour and careful flooring to create a stylish space that is also practical.