Pubs have been around for a long time in Britain in one form or another, from the early Roman tabernae to the modern-day version that took shape in the nineteenth century. However, women have not always been allowed to enjoy this great British tradition. In 1982, a woman’s right to have complete freedom to frequent pubs was granted by law!

A Brief History of Women and Pubs

It was common for women to be barred from pubs and where they were allowed, they had to sit in separate rooms such as a snug or the lounge. They were accompanied by their men, who bought drinks for them as they were not permitted in the bar. In bars where the ban was strong, women could buy a jug of ale at a small hatch at the back of the pub to take home. All of this began to change with the advent of Women’s Lib in the 60s and culminated in the famous court case in 1982, which finally legally allowed women into bars. Since then, women have enjoyed dressing up for a night’s entertainment at the pub.

A Range of Women’s Tops

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The Pub Quiz

The most famous pub entertainment is the pub quiz which is enjoyed by men and women alike. The popularity of the pub quiz grew in the 1970s as a way to get people in during the quieter weeknights. They are now commonplace and may be held on a weekly basis with teams competing for prize money. It is so popular there is even the Great British Pub Quiz that is shown on TV with teams from different pubs competing with each other.

Other Popular Pub Entertainments

Other popular pub entertainments include comedy nights, watching live football and playing poker. Comedy nights can consist of local amateur talent or more established stand-up comedians who will attract an entrance fee with possibly a meal included in the price. Watching live football or playing poker is appreciated by both males and females. Other traditional games such as darts or pool are still played, but their popularity is waning.

British pubs may be in a slow decline, but they are still a hub of social activity, with a third of British adults saying they attend one on a regular basis. Thankfully, women can participate in this tradition as much as men if they desire.